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Revolutionary Solutions for Agile Traders: The Unwavering Dedication of Coxigo Markets Limited

    Pioneering solutions, empowering traders across the globe.

    Expert analysis and invaluable insights for informed trading choices.

    Client-focused approach with bespoke assistance.

    Transparency, utmost security, and unparalleled accessibility.

    24/5 customer support ensuring seamless trading journeys.

    Educational resources and training to boost your trading prowess.

    Global outreach with a personalized touch, catering to traders worldwide.


    Company Name:Coxigo Markets Limited
    Company Registered No.:HY00723416
    Company License No.:T2023329
    Date of issue:27/07/2023
    Place of issue:Fomboni – Island of Mohéli – Comoros Union
    Authorized Capital:250,000.00 EUR
    Registered Office in:Bonovo Road – Fomboni Island of Mohéli – Comoros Union

Coxigo Markets Limited
MetaTrader 5 App

Trading in CFD markets is always at hand. The company's clients receive the best working conditions and the opportunity to trade from anywhere in the world.


Benefits of CFD trading

Support all major currency pairs

we are ready with powerful platforms supporting major currency pairs to empower your computer to trade worldwide.

Round the clock customer support

CFD world trades round the clock, so do we support you at any time anywhere at your ease, without compromising your time.

Robust Risk Manage System

Stop Loss, Take Profit, Stop Buy/Sell, and Limit Buy/Sell to manage your risk and take advantage of market movements.

Safety of Funds

We deal funds with top rated banks that they follow strategy of maintaining the funds separately from operating capital to ensure your money is safe.

Trading Platforms

Multiple trading software for Personal Computers, MAC and Smartphones (iOS, Android).

Trading Products

Numerous financial instruments including CFD, Spot Metals (Gold, Silver) and Futures (Crude Oil, Stock Indices).